[BUG] write to file

Mark Wieder mwieder at ahsoftware.net
Tue Jan 26 13:29:07 EST 2016

On 01/26/2016 08:22 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Your find prompted me to do a search in the bug DB for all reports that
> include "scott at runrev.com" among the commenters and found some other
> gems from the olden days, like this useful tidbit I never knew before
> (is this documented?):
>     ...you can use numbers of the form "0xFFFFFFFF" directly
>     in scripts, saving you the rigamarole of using numToChar
>     to build them up...
> <http://quality.livecode.com/show_bug.cgi?id=295#c5>

Hex notation has, as far as I know, always been supported.
I don't see anything in the api dictionary about it, and <rant> the 
guides aren't searchable </rant>, so I can't say whether the numeric 
format is documented.

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at gmail.com

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