LiveCode @ Davos

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at
Fri Jan 22 10:27:29 EST 2016

Hello LiveCoders,

I am at Davos for a little business and was inspired to create a LiveCode
App during the conference. I am creating a blog post for each day, and the
goal is to create an app that "will make the world a better place", which
is the goal of the conference. I am also trying to pitch LiveCode a the
perfect solution for what many of the leaders are complaining about:
falling behind in technology and creating a barrier of entry into the
startup world for the disadvantaged. I think LiveCode can be part of the

There are 2 post up there now and I have have a few more to go to create my
App. So find out what's going on at what seems to be the center of the
world for the week and if you are so inclined, help us finish a biz planing
app for micro and small businesses around the world. Here are the two blog
post so far:

Please make comments and check out the code....


Todd Fabacher

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