The Future of LiveCode in Education

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon Feb 29 23:52:47 EST 2016

I think it was circa 1983, I was in San Franscisco...  our spiritual master, Gurudeva, called from Hawaii saying "Your Apple II is coming any day. You need to sign up for some classes right away... this it the future."

When it came... I think the 3rd thing I did after booting up was start Hypercard  and made a button

on mouseup
    beep 3 times
end mouse

That was it! I created my first primitive PIM (TO DO list thingy) the next week and never looked back!

Time passes (Supercard...Richard Gaskin's pointing the way... Metacard, need for URL stuff, windows standalone for volunteers on PC's)  later, the idea of paying for the Indy was a "no brainer" and we've bought into every advance payment  plan pitch Kevin has proferred since 1997 or so when Scott Raney turned it over...

But it all started with the first button on software pre-loaded with the machine.


On February 29, 2016 at 6:07:12 PM, J. Landman Gay (jacque at<mailto:jacque at>) wrote:

I don't suppose you still have any contacts over at Apple, do you? I
would love to see LC ship with Macs.

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