Possible enhancement

-hh hh at livecode.org
Sun Feb 28 12:37:31 EST 2016

>> Peter H. wrote:
>> The php break statement has a numeric argument that defines how many
>> control structures to break out off  I sometimes find myself in 3 or 4
>> nested repeat statements and need to get out of the whole structure if a
>> particular condition is met in one of the inner structures.
>> The default would be 1 so no existing code would be affected.
>> Worth an enhancement request?
> Mark Wi. wrote:
> What I'd rather see, and I think Robert Calliau has suggested this 
> before, is the ability to have named loops. Then you could exit from a 
> loop by specifying its name.
> Dr. Ha. wrote:
> Yes; this is how modern Fortran does it.

Worth an enhancement request? Of course, both variants would be valuable.

I wonder which "workaround" you use until now for that in LC?


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