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Terence Heaford t.heaford at
Sat Feb 27 06:26:51 EST 2016

> On 27 Feb 2016, at 11:07, Dirk prive <dirk.cleenwerck at> wrote:
> So for new customers in Jan 2017 the price will be over 3 times what it was
> for new customers in march 2015. I would say that is a price that goes up
> way faster than one would expect. The company knows the numbers though and
> they need to make sure that they can survive or we would no longer have a
> product.

I could well be incorrect here but it seems LiveCode are pursuing short term capital
by offering discounts to lock-in against future price rises.

Clearly a lock-in against future price rises only works for the purchaser if the product exists for as
long as the lock-in.

At which point LiveCode will have to offer another lock-in because they have already had the cash up front now.


They come up with another money raising scheme in the meantime?

This scenario clearly does not help those who are lower down the food chain and aspire to own a licence.

They are really stuck with the Open Source Product in the face of continuing rising prices that are way beyond…

Do those that pay these prices believe that they have achieved added value since the cost of a licence at KickStarter or perhaps
even earlier.

In most purchases, the product is there, completed and ready to be purchased. It appears with this rental method you, not the company,
are paying/gambling for something in the future that has not yet been developed.

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