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Dirk prive dirk.cleenwerck at
Sat Feb 27 06:07:53 EST 2016

On Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 9:55 AM, Terence Heaford <t.heaford at>

> I would like a license with LiveCode but am not prepared to stump up
> $499/year which I believe,  is extortionate (forgive the word, but it is my
> word).
> I may be wrong but has it just gone up to $$$$$$$$$.

> I am sure there are those who just buy a $499 licence and really don’t
> make enough money to justify it and at some point those people will fall by
> the wayside.
> What are people willing to pay for LiveCode? $1000, $1500, $2000, $2500…..
> What has been the progression of prices in the last 5 years for an Indy
> Licence?

I just checked.

In March 2015 I tried to renew my commercial license, but could not because
it was replaced by the Indy license.
At that point I had to pay 299$/yr for my Indy License.

Then just 4 months later on the 29th of June I received a mail announcing
the rise in price to 499$ from July 24th.
You could avoid it by purchasing the Indy License at the special price of
499$ for 2 years of subscription and that would give you the right to buy
future Indy licenses at the price of 299$ in subsequent years. That was
presented as a "one time opportunity to protect you against this and any
future price rises as a thank you for your loyalty".

Now on Feb 18th we received the announcement of the mergEXT acquisition,
and the price increase to 999$.
The increase is phased mid-march 2016 from 499$ to 599$ and then to 999$ by
Jan 2017.

The message seems clear:

   - If you are current, stay current (that would be me).
   - If you don't subscribe yet, subscribe now to get the current price and
   keep the current price in the future (that would be 499$/yr)

So for new customers in Jan 2017 the price will be over 3 times what it was
for new customers in march 2015. I would say that is a price that goes up
way faster than one would expect. The company knows the numbers though and
they need to make sure that they can survive or we would no longer have a

Kind regards,
Dirk Cleenwerck

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