LiveCode for the Hobbyists

Terence Heaford t.heaford at
Sat Feb 27 03:55:03 EST 2016

Is the existing method working?

There always appears to be shifting sand, modifying this method for selling to renting, a different licence for this a different license for that, extensions for extra cash.

All the shifting sands suggests to me that LiveCode are not making enough.

What is enough?

Is it a reasonable salary, is it making the next corporate monolith, I don’t know LiveCode’s goal.

It also appears that from time to time the changing strategy seems to upset long standing users.

How many are upset we will never know.

I wonder what the churn rate is for LiveCode?

All I can really comment on is me and my concerns. I suppose I am what could be called a Hobbyist.

I arrived at LiveCodes door simply because SuperCard stopped updating.

I had a paid license with SuperCard, I think it may have been $129 when I started and had updated for a reduced fee but not a renting licence.

I would like a license with LiveCode but am not prepared to stump up $499/year which I believe,  is extortionate (forgive the word, but it is my word).
I may be wrong but has it just gone up to $$$$$$$$$.
Is this a case of more shifting sand in LiveCode’s shifting financial desert?

It may be reasonable for some/companies who make a good living from it but otherwise, no.

Why would I like to buy a licence rather than renting?

Simply to obtain the add-ons that I believe will be extra cost when the LC8 widget/extension system is up and running and probably not available in the Open Source basic version (note I did not use lite).

Anyway it is of no real consequence because I am sat on the Open Source sidelines waiting to see how this Game plays out between LiveCode’s Paying Customers and LiveCode.

I am sure there are those who just buy a $499 licence and really don’t make enough money to justify it and at some point those people will fall by the wayside.

What are people willing to pay for LiveCode? $1000, $1500, $2000, $2500…..

What has been the progression of prices in the last 5 years for an Indy Licence?

All the best


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