SSH-External for Live Code

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri Feb 26 22:11:59 EST 2016

@ Trevor Devore & Glen Bojsza

is this working , today, as of LC 8 +

? last commit: 5 years ago.

One of Peters recommendations for me was to contribute to open source... so, if (big if), I can wrap my head around this, we could try to make this serve for SFTP in house apps. Looks tricky for a newbie to implement... but if we could succeed some how, then we could contribute to the community as an open source external that other users can use without having to have all the "nerd skills" to add to their stacks?

Then,  I could get the external work I  will end up  writing the stack that served as a GUI for all  the functions, as well as contribute a library of methods that users could adopt in their projects that would then have easy top level UI -- enter host, user, password, paths to server,  etc then it "just works" I would have to write that here myself for our in-house production apps anyway.

so then, (have no clue yet how this works) we could make a widget that has the external as a dependency... but which can be easily plugged into any stack?

Put another way: I'm pretty much willing to do anything to make this work.


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