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Mick Collins mickclns at
Fri Feb 26 14:08:52 EST 2016

Thanks for the reply and especially for the link, Phil. Not quite what I was asking for, but useable. I didn’t realize there weren’t any LC8 release candidates yet.

And thanks, Richard, it’s good to hear where LC is heading. As I inferred, I really don’t have any time for testing. Maybe a little when there is an RC, it’ll have to be a very small part of what I’m doing. I may download the latest DP of 8 just to get a taste that is not secondhand. Thanks, again, you did answer my question(s).

> Phil Davis wrote
> Hi Mick,
> Maybe this will answer your question:
> As you can see on that page, Community Editions start at 6.0.1.
> Is that what you were asking for?
> Thanks -
> Phil Davis

> Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Mick Collins wrote:
>> I?m wondering whether there will be a version 6._ or 7._ which will
>> come out before the first sanctified version of 8 and when the next
>> version (of 6, 7, and/or 8) is expected to come out.
> I don't know, but if so I'd be very surprised if there was more than 
> just one more build of either v6.x or 7.x.
> V8.0 is the future of the platform, and it benefits all of us to move 
> away from the expense of maintaining three different versions ASAP.
> If you're able to help test v8 that'll help ensure it does everything 
> your project needs.  A Community Edition is available for v8.0, and in 
> addition to representing where the code base is going it also includes 
> hundreds of fixes and enhancements not backportable to older versions, 
> so whether you begin testing with it today or wait until it's released 
> it'll be a very good transition.
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