Shrink substack to same window rect as main stack

Matt Maier blueback09 at
Fri Feb 26 12:22:53 EST 2016

It took me a minute to parse your message, so here are some clarification
Are you looking for a function that's already built into Livecode?
Is it accurate to say that the problem is the controls on your 1200x675
stack aren't coded to handle resizing? (i.e. if the stack shrinks the
controls just get clipped)

On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 7:43 AM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami <
brahma at> wrote:

> Assuming we have
> -- Stack A that is set to a rect of 736w X 414h
> --  is is possible to open another stack with the same ratio (16:9)  but
> bigger in the same window?
> -- i.e. opens stack B  which is 1200 X 675 (16:9)  in the window of Stack
> A, such that it "shrinks to fit" just like it would on mobile if we had it
> set to "showAll"
> ??
> I made what may be a strategic mis-direct by developing in 1200 X 675 for
> iPhone.. simply because I wanted it to appear bigger on my large monitor
> during dev.  Using ShowAll it runs fine on the phone.
> But later I started another mainstack which for which the above stack is
> supposed to be a "module" and decided, that, in the long run... it is
> better to work in the actual native geometric points of the device (iphone
> 6+ 736 X 414).
> I may have to refactor the big stack... not a big deal, but I was
> wondering about the possibility of shrinking to fit in a scenario like this
> BR
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