updating progress to user during long handler

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Feb 26 11:33:03 EST 2016

jameshale wrote:

 > Kay C Lan wrote
 >> Now test some 'descending' wait after the text has been placed in the
 >>> field:
 >> wait 1 sec
 >> wait 1 tick
 >> wait 1 millisec
 >> See if you can come to a compromise that allows the screen to refresh
 >> without slowing the code.
 > I had tried a one second delay before my first post.
 > It had no effect (except for taking longer😊)

Is it possible that the lockScreen is being set somewhere in the scripts 
running during that loop?

You might add something like "put the lockscreen" somewhere in the 
middle of the code, and if it's true then you know it's set before then; 
if it's false move it down further and repeat the test.

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