Players in HTML5 - ETA for Full Functionality?

Robert Mann rman at
Fri Feb 26 10:05:47 EST 2016

Just for information... I must not be the single one that has sort of waited
10 years for JUST :

>> a revamped audio implementation that simply allows to use COMPRESSED
>> audio within stacks, and not be obliged to develop external solutions
>> (which I did, but is then trick y to use for products because of the more
>> complex installation and external libraries to be installed, that some
>> users do not like at all).

So, Although I did support as a hobbyist live code for a long time and spent
quite a few euros to support, I will personally NOT spend one more euro
until that is actually DONE.

(i understand it is somewhat done "obliged" in the iOs context, has it been
added meanwhile into macOS?? That would be bad news for my purse..!!)

And I fully support Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami in the view that audio/video
media functionalities are just basic functions that need to be addressed and
perhaps in greater priority than a sophisticated MCV framework.

And should you need more people to contribute financially, perhaps you could
review the new paradigm of yearly licensing and also give a standard "old"
ways of just holding to a version. i will just hold on to my version 7.5 for
my hobbits usage. And I would be as a hobbyist willing to spend a few bucks
every 3 years or so... but with the yearly licensing scheme, it's just too
expensive for just a hobist and there is no security to be able to play on
with new acquired features. 

So as a result I just do not take time to keep up with new features because
I know that I will not be able to support a version I can use as a hobbits
for several years. 
And the time that a hobbyist will take to dig and become friendlier with
live code is the best investment you can make to maintain a good
relationship with.. you.. clients.. in the long run. 

For me that precious line has been broken by the new licensing scheme.

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