Cursor changes to a hand in the ide

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Feb 25 21:29:14 EST 2016

Jim Byrnes wrote:
 > That worked, thank you very much.  I must say this is a friendly,
 > helpful group.

This group is awesome!

Many years ago when I was first getting my head wrapped around how this 
engine works, back then it was called MetaCard and Kevin's company was 
just getting started.  I was having one heckuva time trying to 
understand how custom property sets worked, and to be honest I was far 
less patient than you. :)  It took Kevin and Scott Raney (original 
inventor of the engine) a few very patient emails to help me work 
through my issue, and eventually I slowed down, digested what they'd 
written, experimented some more, and it all sunk in.

Just been paying it forward ever since....

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