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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Feb 25 20:25:43 EST 2016

Jim Byrnes wrote:

 > On 02/25/2016 06:35 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Try this in the Message Box (replacing "YourStack" with your stack's
 >> name of course):
 >>    put the mode of stack "YourStack" && the style of stack "YourStack"
 > This results in: 2 toplevel

Hunch confirmed:  if you look up mode in the Dictionary you'll see the 
mode is an integer that refers to the current state of the stack.

Stack modes can be made persistent with the style property, but you can 
also temporarily change the mode of a stack without changing the 
persistent style property by using the style name as a command, e.g.:

   palette "some stack"

...will open it as a palette, but if its style is toplevel then using:

   open stack "some stack"

...will open it in its style, toplevel.

There is one other way to affect mode, specific to mode 2:  that one's 
cantModify, which can be affected by setting the stack's cantModify 

So if you run this in the Message Box you should be good to go:

   set the cantmodify of stack "YourStack" to false

Then save it, or you'll be back in this spot again next time you open it.

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