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Thu Feb 25 19:06:39 EST 2016

Thanks guys.

Both Scott Rossi's solution and Bernd's were really well done.

In the end I chose modTableField which does everything I want... (and was
about to go through the pain of creating...)
This thing is FAST and really well designed. Thank you Bernd! Scott's has a
beautiful UI but Bernd's will require few changes by me.

I'm working with exported Filemaker tabbed data...  and my previous data
format using the datagrid used the same format:
headers on first line, tab delimited, return delimited records, with
returns in fields turned into linefeeds (or is it vertical tabs?), just
like Filemaker exports
I went a bit further with my own text file 'standard' , putting a tab
delimited line at the bottom holding column widths which get set on load.
Easy to add. But again Bernd's auto-sizing really works fine and I may not
do that.

A quick question about Filemaker 12 text Exports - why doesn't FM provide
an option to add field names to the first line on export to CSV (which is a
misnomer as I use the tab option)?? I have to add the field names manually
to the resultant text file.  Odd because other export options like 'merge'
DO add field names. Is this a bug in Filemaker?

I'm exporting data out of Filemaker because I'm doing a tape archive and
need to do things like a multiple non-contiguous search of all records from
a dialog box and FM won't do that. I also need to clean up some Unicode
crapola that didn't get translated.

Then I need to import the whole mess back into Filemaker  (which does
accept first line field headers..!!)  -- although this solution is so good
it may end up being the final database...

On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 9:35 AM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>

> Exactly.  There Bernd adds a nice header above a standard LC list field,
> very nicely done.
> Eating my own dog food I did a quick search in Google for "modTableField"
> and turned up his repository:
> <>

Stephen Barncard - Sebastopol Ca. USA -

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