Players in HTML5 - ETA for Full Functionality?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Feb 25 15:02:56 EST 2016

On February 25, 2016 at 9:02:29 AM, Richard Wrote:
> I don't know if any of this rambling post is helpful, but my aim here is
> just to point out the very difficult task being undertaken here. And while
> we can expect Peter's excellent work to continue to make big strides, I
> think it may be helpful to keep expectations in check, since we're
> attempting to bridge two very different worlds. Not all life forms that
> thrive on one planet can survive at all on another.

Agreed. I guess I was being naive in the understanding of the level of changes required to encompass media delivery, and I will certainly keep my expectations in check... My apologies for banging the drum.

 We *can* fulfill our media delivery "vision"  on LC/Mobile and we can build a web UI using Rev igniter... so I'll be content to develop in that space for now.

I hereby officially switch hats  to "infinite patience"

Richard Wrote:

"These  are very different worlds; there is no magic pony. >

> Option a) would allow us to export LC player controls as HTML5 player
> objects, but would require you to write any scripts you need in JavaScript.

That's kind of what I thought could work, even as an interim solution. Our use case doesn't really require the full spectrum of native LiveCode player parameters. Open, play, pause and stop and dismiss would suffice for 95% of the requirements. In my naivete, targeting the innerHTML with a small html5 Video tag seemed trivial... obviously I am wrong.

 This is more than you need to know, but part of the "back story" and "urgency" here was a hope  to keep LiveCode at the forefront of our in house toolbox. Another new young person -- who already went thru the Livecode University has switched to learning Python and will soon be developing HTML5 on that platform, because  it needs to run in a browser/WordPress iFrame.  Of course I have to shake my head at how many hours it will take him to do the smallest framework... and the scope of what he will be able to accomplish relative to a full LC stack will be highly compromised...even the scope on the spec of that project was chopped down by "not doable now..."  when the whole original spec could have been done in LiveCode in a week(s)... (except for the video streaming)

We had to reach out to a HTML5 pro in Belarus, to get a leg up on how to do the first one and now we hope to learn how to do it ourselves....having Python skills on the team I suppose will be userful, I would have much preferred he focused on LiveCode because I believe it would have been to our greater advantageands more "fun" for him in the long run.  But, I can run his modules inside the browser widget in our next LC Mobile app... so we are OK for now.  And it's going to take him soooo long to get to where he wants to be that probably the HTML5 thing in LC will be ready even before he can think about module #2...

Officially now wearing the hat of "infinite patience."


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