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Thu Feb 25 12:31:29 EST 2016

Clarence P Martin wrote:
 > Richard,
 > Thanks, I will.  As I've discussed with you before, I have a tendency
 > to look, maybe, a little too deeply into some things.

I think that's an occupation hazard of software development. :)

As much as we're all working towards the ideal of having as much 
documentation readily findable within the IDE as possible, I've found 
it's helpful with every language I've learned to employ Google or other 
web search engine when a problem lingers.

In the olden days the issue was that there were just too few learning 
resources for LC, but these days it's very much the opposite: between 
this list, the forums, Stack Overflow, social media, and countless blogs 
and other web sites, now the problem is that there's too much info in 
too many places.

Definitely the better problem to have. :)

And while we experiment with ways to provide a central index for all 
that ever-growing volume of stuff, Google provides a pretty good one we 
can use right now.

When learning SQL, JavaScipt, bash, Python, HTML, or most other 
languages, the web is really the only tool we have.  With LiveCode we 
have much more in the box, but a good web search engine is still as 
useful for us as it is for any other scripting community.

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