Cursor changes to a hand in the ide

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Feb 25 12:16:24 EST 2016

Jim Byrnes wrote:
 > At the point the problem occurred I hadn't written a line of code.
 > I had dropped a label control on the card and expanded it's size.
 > Then I dropped 2 radio buttons inside the boundaries of the of the
 > label. I was renaming them and changing the label text when the
 > problem occurred.

Sounds like a bug, and if you're able to find a recipe to reproduce that 
please do file a bug report.

FWIW I use LC in Ubuntu daily (mostly 14.04, but I have two machines 
running Ubuntu 15.10, at least until April when all will be upgraded to 
the new LTS), and while I haven't seen this issue myself I'd be happy to 
run any tests you can come up with to confirm the behavior so we can 
help see it fixed.

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