LCB library tutorials?

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Wed Feb 24 05:09:00 EST 2016

On 23/02/2016 19:36, Stephen MacLean wrote:
> Looking to see if anyone has put up a tutorial for making an LCB library extension?
> I’ve been able to find Trevor Devore’s url_parser lib on github, but haven’t seen much else.
> If no tutorials, can someone describe the differences that need to be changed from widget to library?

Hi Stephen,

You can look at the JSON Library extension that we ship with LiveCode 8 
as an example of an LCB library.  The source code is here on GitHub:

Basically, you declare the module as a "library" instead of a "widget".

All "public" handlers are then added to the LiveCode message path, after 
everything else.

That's it!


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