Cursor changes to a hand in the ide

Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Tue Feb 23 17:16:00 EST 2016

I am running the Community Edition vers 7.1.1 Build 10048 on Ubuntu 14.04.

I am just getting started with Livecode and was laying out the gui for 
my first little project.  I'm not sure what I did but the cursor changed 
to the hand pointer and now I can no longer work with any of my 
controls. Most of the menu items are greyed out but I could select quit. 
When I did that I was allowed to save my work, but when I opened it back 
up I still could not get rid of the hand pointer. Clicking on the run 
tool or edit tool does nothing.

Do any of you experienced people have any idea what I could have done to 
cause this and how I can get back to normal operations?

Thanks,  Jim

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