Re Topic'd. Probable LC bug getting return from a Value function

William Prothero prothero at
Tue Feb 23 15:54:08 EST 2016

I tried all of the suggestions folks listed. Here are my results (OSX El Capitan, LC8 DP15):
on mouseUp

put value("getValue()",group "myGroup" of card "myCard") into tVal1    (Result: Works correctly)
--put value(getValue(group "myGroup" of card "myCard")) into tVal2      (Result: Throws an error)
dispatch function "myFunction" to group "MyGroup" of card  “myCard”   Result: returns “unhandled")
dispatch function “myFunction()" to group "MyGroup" of card  “myCard”   Result: returns “unhandled")
	put value("getBtnValue()", button "inGroup" of group "myGroup" of card "myCard") into tVal3 (Result: Works correctly)
put value("getBtnValue()", button "inGroup" of card "myCard") into tVal4 (Result: Works correctly)
end mouseUp

Thanks for all the suggestions.
Note: There is still the error in the livecode lessons. I’ll post a bug report on that one.


> On Feb 22, 2016, at 5:40 PM, Mark Wieder <mwieder at> wrote:
> On 02/22/2016 05:30 PM, William Prothero wrote:
>> I had tried “send”, then “dispatch”. None worked. Finally, I decided to try to find documentation.
> Dispatch should also work:
> dispatch function "myFunction" to group "MyGroup" of card "myCard"
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