Not able to use the clipboard with HTML5 deployment

-hh hh at
Sun Feb 21 22:59:58 EST 2016

> So, I want to copy the formatted text from my LC HTML5 app to a
> text field in another webpage that is independent of my HTML5
> app and over which I have no control. I don¹t think that¹s
> possible without using the clipboard as an intermediary - is it? 
> Regards, Terry...

Hi Terry (and BR)
this is currently the one and only way available for communication
with a HTML5 standalone: The Ask dialog.

I made a demo, available at hh.on-rev-com/html5/ (= overview)
called 'Copy/Paste Text'-Test

It's made with dp9 in November, nothing related to that changed
in dp10-14, stack is downloadable.
[Use Chrome, Opera or Safari.
Firefox: yes < v44, NO v44, yes > v44 (coming soon)]


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