LC 8 dp 14 Browser Widget not "obeying" position instructions

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Feb 21 18:46:36 EST 2016

 February 21, 2016 at 12:59:16 PM, Ali Lloyd (ali.lloyd at at wrote:

> I have seen something like this too, but haven't yet got a recipe - looks 
> like a redraw issue though. 

Indeed, I think you are right. I just now added to the ticket

bug 16965(  

as it turns out the browser widget frame *is* obeying the set position command.  

if I navigate to the card with the browse tool selected... we see the html content is shifted down (top of html content is at about 320 in the vertical card height of 414).  
but if you then query, before doing anything else, in the msg box

put the top of widget "sivaBrowser"  

# result: 20  

Ahha! the html content is, as you surmise, not being redrawn from the new top x,y coords of the widget window.  

OK! your idea worked. Here's my hackaround for now..:

on preopencard
set the top of widget "SivaBrowser" to 20
end preopencard

on opencard
   choose pointer tool
choose browser tool
end opencard

very minute flicker there barely noticeable.. and it lets me continue on dev in 8!

Still a bug though.. and it would be "nice" if the html content did not disappear under the pointer tool


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