BUG? console error message with send in time on LC server

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 14:52:22 EST 2016

Hi all,

I have started to look at LC server, just for command line scripts at the
moment (seems LC has got wired into my brain, and other scripting languages
just don't come so readily to me any more).

I wanted to do some processing, where the processing would occur at
different times of days and different intervals. I know I could use cron
for this, but again, knocking something up in LC is easier for me than all
the fiddling involved in cron jobs and different scripts to perform
different functions.

At first, it looked like "send in time" did not work with the server. I
went to the forum, and found a thread that seemed to say just that. So I
mocked up the simplest test, and "send in time" works.


send mytime to me in 100 seconds
wait 120 seconds with messages

on mytime
put the long time
end mytime

However, it outputs the error message in the title:

GLib-WARNING **: g_main_context_iteration(): main loop already active in
another thread

This doesn't seem to impair the script working, and there's nothing freaky
happening with the running processes.  But after a quick google, it appears
that this is an error message which occurs with GUI Linux apps. So, I'm
wondering if there's not something amiss in the code which is conditionally
compiled into the server engine.

I thought about using the "-ui" command line parameter, but the server does
not seem to take any parameters other than the LC file name it is to

This is with LiveCodeCommunityServer-8_0_0_dp_14 32bit.

This console error probably isn't going to be difficult for me to ignore,
however, I can imagine it would be annoying if it ended up in log files for
those who use "send in time".  Is it worth reporting as a bug?


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