How do I enable scrolling of a group ?

-hh hh at
Sun Feb 21 09:21:31 EST 2016


sorry, I know from your posts which I read long before writing to
this list that you don't need help for the scrolling per se.
I just wanted
to add my MOVE-TO-SCROLL-FACTOR as a whole. inside of a working script.
I don't like to scroll with 5 long moves until the targeted loc is
reached and may be I'll use your app. :-)

The point with the scrolling is probably given in the dictionary entry
to "scrollbarDrag":
"Sent to a field, scrollbar, or group when the user drags the scrollbar
thumb **or when a text selection causes a field to scroll**"

The "or-part" may be the explanation why scrolling works with the text
field and not with the group. Without 'autohilite' a textfield may also
not scroll.

**** "Doing Touch scroll by rawkeyDown" ****
will be interesting for a lot of readers. Would be great if you share
your solution with a script snippet at the end of this thread ...


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