LC 8 dp 14 Browser Widget not "obeying" position instructions

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Feb 20 22:51:01 EST 2016

working in LC 8 DP 14 now...  

See my other thread appropo and app archtecture requiring changing from portrait to landscape and back again as we move through the stack/cards -- in the absence of any "best practices" I'm hacking this from ground zero  

set custom prop for each card:  

uOrientation | Portrait #or  
uOrientation | Landscape #

Stack Script:  

###### Orientation Change Ups

on setOrientation
if the uOrientation of this card is "Landscape" then
set the width of this stack to 736
set the height of this stack to 414
set the width of this stack to 414
set the height of this stack to 736
end if
end setOrientation

CARD: webBrowserLandscape

1 webBrowser Widget "sivaBrowser" set to 0,20,736,414, location locked
1 field "emulator" set to 0,20,736,414

Card Script:

on preopencard
end preopencard

on resizeStack x,y
   set the top of fld  "emulater" to 20
   set the top of widget "sivaBrowser" to 20
end resizeStack

Result: fld Emulater appears in the correct location after the resizeSTack finishes and unlocks the screen

widget is stuck way down the card and does not move.

I've tried various methods, but the clincher is that even in running this in the message box

 set the top of widget "sivaBrowser" to 20

the widget is unresponsive

BUT, if I click out to the pointer tool the widget suddenly a) loses the html of the page it is on and b) jumps into the proper position.

I think this is a bug.

Can anyone confirm.

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