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Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Feb 20 22:38:27 EST 2016

And there is this;


if you can afford it.

API's on the server as as simple as


function makeRecipientsString pRecipients
    repeat for each item x in pRecipients
       put "to[]=" & x & "&" after tRecipientsString
   end repeat
   return tRecipientsString
end makeRecipientsString

command sendGridMail pRecipients,pSubject,pBody,pFrom
put "api_user=##YourUserName## &"  into tEmail
put "api_key=##Yourkey##&" after tEmail
put makeRecipientsString(pRecipients) after tEmail
put ( "subject=" & urlEncode(pSubject) ) & "&" after tEmail
put ("text=" & urlEncode(pBody) ) & "&" after tEmail
put ("from=" & pFrom) after tEmail
put tEmail & cr & cr after url ("file:" & $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] & "/ddd/ddd-log.txt")
POST tEmail to URL ""
put it & cr & cr after url ("file:" & $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] & "/ddd/ddd-log.txt")
end  sendGridMail

Advantages: you don't need to run a mail server/service on your server at all. SMPT is simply off

The debugging mail games are over.


On January 24, 2016 at 6:31:59 AM, tbodine (bodine at<mailto:bodine at>) wrote:

Hi Bill.
Yes, I'd really like to see your tutorial on that approach.

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