Script Only stacks

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri Feb 19 21:01:34 EST 2016

I am also very late coming to the script only stacks party.

It would be wonderful to have some kind of big "shoot the breeze" conference call with a few LC engineers at the meeting, just to talk about the potential uses of script only stacks in terms of the presentation layer. For one that has been working inside RevIgniter now for nearly three years, the world of text only scripts and the advantages of that environment have become second nature. But the presentation layer is HTML/CSS...

In an LC stack/standalone environment the card(plus controls, graphics, images) is the presentation layer  AND since a card  "comes along for the ride." One wonders if a text-only framework to instantiate the visible GUI with a full set of params to create all the objects and their properties.. has any value. Then you could check in and check out these stacks in GIT hub.

OTOH:  that seems like it could get complicated.
OTOH:   it means one could transfer a lot of the experience from RevIgniter's MVC paradigm over to a LiveCode only universe

One wonders of the business license, which has some secret framework for collaboration, will be doing this... The business license might be more interesting if one knew exact what it was.

Musing.... in theory one could keep the card layer very, very lean and then put everything (whatever that might be) else into script only stacks as appears to be the case with the IDE... then the potential to off load development modularly to different team members starts to become doable.

Obviously, the team at Edinborough is way, way out front of us all on this and if they were to put on some kind of live web panel, on the potential uses for script only stacks and put that on YouTube.. that would be enlightening...

I could help some of us pick up on their lead... I don't mind being a follower.. it's better than wondering in the forest with no direction. A jump start would be nice.


On February 19, 2016 at 2:57:18 PM, William Prothero (prothero at<mailto:prothero at>) wrote:

> > Just wondering about script only stacks. I use a lot of substacks to
> > hold various script resources, and it looks like there might be just
> > a bit less overhead in script only stacks.
> >
> > BUT, can script only stacks be substacks?
> No. A substack is part of the native binary stack structure of a normal stack. As such, only other native binary stacks can be used as substacks, and only in a native binary mainstack.

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