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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Feb 19 17:41:36 EST 2016

Michael Doub wrote:

 > SFTP might not be the best thing in the world but I have yet to see
 > a hosting site that does not support it.

They support SMTP too but, like SFTP, there are so many great tools out 
there that few of us need to make our own mail clients.

What are you building?

 > From my perspective this is low hanging fruit that many people would
 > use.

It's definitely useful, and as noted earlier also in progress.

I'm not sure how low-hanging it is, though.  I've never read the RFCs 
for SFTP or FTPS myself, but I have noted that a few community bounties 
over the years have been insufficient to get this done.

If someone out there can write this in a day or two let's make it happen.

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