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Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Fri Feb 19 14:47:53 EST 2016

Your leap the future was a bit challenging for me to read. Because of one outstanding issue.

SFTP was not on the list! That's continues to be such an irritation that this is not prioritized.

see bug: bug 6405<http://quality.livecode.com/show_bug.cgi?id=6405>  Please, everyone go and vote.

Please, Please PLEEZE! Prioritize this request. it is much more important that your realize.  95% of all apps today must communicate with the web. This means the teacher, the enterprise, the business, the developer etc. must be transferring files to the web server. The tight integration between data on servers and apps that remotely access that data is a universal given these days.

Today any small desktop widget like Skitch (take sscreen shots) or desktop code editors. etc.. they *all* come with SFTP as a standard protocol.. you just enter your host, user name and password in pref and away we go... with the user name and password encrypted.  on mobile as well.

For LiveCode not to have this doesn't make sense in today's world. It is fundamental to development frameworks across the board. It  should not be considered something from a kickstarter or some feature exchange fund raiser... it's too close to core operations to even be called enhancement...passing user names and passwords in the clear ? in 2016?   It's as if the product were missing one foot! Adding a foot to the horse is not an enhancment. It's fixing something crippled.

Here we are working out all kinds of tools and apps and we *still* have to switch over to anFTP client to  dig for an upload/downlown files that are integral to the whole framework being built in LiveCode.  Regular FTP is today blocked on most web server firewalls.

</end of old rant>

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Sorry if it wasn¹t clear in the article. HTML5 remains a separate license.

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