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I hope the MergExt will include all systems, ie. Android also?


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Dear All,

As Monte mentioned on this list yesterday, we are delighted to announce a
very exciting acquisition for LiveCode: we have purchased the full suite of
the invaluable mergEXT externals for iOS. These will shortly be included
with your Indy or Business license purchase. We will also be hiring Monte to
work for us full time. Over time our team will work with Monte over the
course of the coming months to turn the mergEXT suite into integrated
widgets that work cross platform where appropriate.

You can read all about this acquisition here:

You guys don't need to be told just how valuable Monte is going to be to our
team! We can't wait to start working with him.

The addition of mergEXT adds a huge amount of value to the license packages.
We also have a staggering list of new features and benefits coming with
LiveCode 8, in the near, medium and longer term future. We are adjusting our
pricing strategy to account for this added value, incrementally over time.
You can read all about this here:

Right now, you can still get everything including the mergEXT addons for the
current price of Indy, and you can lock in at that price.

Footnote: For those of you with an Indy or Business license already, we need
to ask for your patience. It is going to take us a little time to drop the
mergEXT suite into your accounts retrospectively. Please don't write to
support to ask why its not there yet, for at least a week! :) We will send
out an announcement when it is all done and you can go look for it in your
account. We are working on that now.

Kind regards,


Kevin Miller ~ kevin at ~
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