local and do <commands> - what NOT to do

-hh hh at livecode.org
Thu Feb 18 07:45:20 EST 2016

Mark Wadd. wrote:
> > [-hh] wrote:
> > local a1=1, a2=false
> > -- local a[1]=1, a[2]=false #<-- currently not allowed
> > 
> > For such default-constructs variable names and using "do"
> > are really helpful.
> Although you can do the above as:
>    local a -- only needed if in strict compilation mode
>    put 1 into a[1]
>    put false into a[2]

I meant local *script* variables, outside of handlers,
I seldom use local declarations within handlers.
The possibility of setting default values is an important
tool for me.

For example in a button script that uses a certain variable
in mouseEnter, mouseDown, menuPick and ...
Where to set the default for an array entry if one wishes
to use also "send <message>" to the button? In each and
every handler?

(These local variable declarations in the top lines of my
scripts act for me also like the header of a HTML-page.
Nearly always one knows roughly alone from that what's


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