Sound, Linux, Embedding

RM richmondmathewson at
Wed Feb 17 16:06:50 EST 2016

So, after keeping quiet on this for about 5 years . . .

I was digging away in some ZIP disks I have access to via a SCSI card in 
the back of my Linux
box [neither my G3 iMac, nor my G5 iMac having SCSI ports] and I chanced 
upon some
"LiveCode" (i.e. Runtime Revolution) stacks I made while I was working 
at the University of St. Andrews
for foreign students to practise English vowel sounds . . . and thought 
. . .

wouldn't it be "fun" (this involves a fairly broad definition of what 
constitutes fun) if it were now
possible to port them to run on Linux, including the ability to embed 
the sounds in the stack.



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