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> Sounds interesting. If you’re willing to share, I’d love to take a peek at
> it.

It's very specific to how my program functions; the code wouldn't translate
directly.  But something to the effect of

repeat for each word stk in (your list of stacks, or the openStacks)

put the long id of stack stk into tgStk

---do some processing here

repeat with i = 1 to the number of cards in stack stk

put the long id of card i of tgStk into gCd
--do some card pre-processing

-- put the long ids of the cards, and possibly add groups on the cards,
into lines of srcCdList

end repeat

repeat  for each line tgCd in srcCdList

repeat with j = 1 to the number of controls on tgCd

put the long id of control i of tgCd into tgTg

put the short name of tgTg into fldNam

if fldNam="Label Field" then

--do stuff to deal with the size of the labels, if needed, based on their
custom properties
next repeat

end if

--if not a label field, it generally has a purpose

switch word 1 of the name of tgTg

case "field"

--if it got here, it's a data field
--make sure it has an appropriate typeface

--put it's short name into the display field properties for this group or

--if fldNam starts with "ck_" it's a custom checkbox; handle it's size &

--if the owner of fldNam starts with "cg_" it's part of one of my custom
click-groups of checkboxes

--and so forth


case group

--certain types go groups get handling


case . . .

end switch

end repeat --j

--set properties of tgCd, such as it's display fields

end repeat --i

--set sack properties based on accumulated info

end repeat --stacks

--set global properties and lists based on accumulated info

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