[ANN] mergExt News

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Feb 17 08:40:14 EST 2016

Stephen MacLean wrote:

 > This is just fantastic news!!!!!
 > I’ve always been impressed and pleased by Monte, his externals and
 > his abilities. They really fill some big holes in LC.
 > As someone who’s been hitting frustrating roadblock after roadblock
 > recently with LC, starting to look elsewhere, this news has jump
 > started my hopes again! I also hope that this means that we’ll
 > finally get access to lower level OS calls and toolbox kits via LCB
 > (in something other than C;))
 > Again, this is just fantastic news!!!


This gives us an opportunity to acknowledge Monte's other tremendous 
contributions to LiveCode as well, including his 166 commits to the code 
base he's racked up to date:

Any closer relationship between Monte and the core dev team can only be 
a very good thing for all of us who enjoy LiveCode.

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