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Kevin Miller kevin at livecode.com
Wed Feb 17 06:29:48 EST 2016

Indeed, we are super delighted by this and to be welcoming Monte. The plan
is to turn the best of these externals into widgets and make them cross
platform over the course of the year.

The ink is literally only dry on this deal minutes ago, we were planning
to take another day or so to button up the Q&A around this and carefully
announce it to you all. We are doing that now! :) We¹ll answer your
question(s) when that is done.

Kind regards,


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On 17/02/2016 11:21, "use-livecode on behalf of Ben Rubinstein"
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>This is great news for LiveCode.
>Thank you Monte for your incredible work.
> > exclusively licensed
>How does that effect existing licensees?
>On 17/02/2016 11:01, Monte Goulding wrote:
>> Hi LiveCoders and in particular mergExt users!
>> Today I have a rather large announcement to make about mergExt. mergExt
>>Externals are now exclusively licensed to LiveCode Ltd. The intention is
>>for most or all of the externals to be available to LiveCode Indy
>>licensed users.
>> We will aim to have little or no interruption of access to the
>>externals for exisiting users. I will continue to maintain the suite,
>>however, the support queue will now be via support at livecode.com. I will
>>be joining the development team soon and look forward to being able to
>>work on the platform and extensions full time.
>> Thanks to all those that have supported mergExt over the years!
>> Cheers
>> Monte
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