changing the size of the image that's combined with text

Matt Maier blueback09 at
Tue Feb 16 01:32:37 EST 2016

This is one of those times when I end up sending an hour just trying to
find out if I know what keywords to search for.

Anywho, I want to combine images with text in a field.

I found the right syntax for writing html that will combine text and images:
<p><img src="binfile:C:\Users\user\pics\somepic.png" char="b">lerg</p>
and also that the char reference isn't necessary, so this works
<p><img src="binfile:C:\Users\user\pics\somepic.png"></p>
It's a bit tedious to code, since you have to escape the quotes like this:
put "<p><img src=" & quote & "binfile:C:\Users\user\pics\somepic.png" &
quote & "></p>" into tHTML
but whatevs, it works.

Livecode doesn't care about the height & width information that normally go
along with an <img src> tag in html. I can't find a way to control the size
when using imageSource either.

Is there a way to adjust the size of the image that's in the text field?
I'm hoping I don't have to create a temporary image of the adjusted size,
put it somewhere, and then reference the temporary image instead of the
actual image.

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