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I have deleted the embedded image of my original post and resend the 
mail by including the text of the image instead of the graphic.

Here is my original post:

> These licensing problems have been discussed and investigated on 
> Bugzilla since December 16, 2015, or even earlier.
> It would be a good idea for you to join the discussion about bugs 
> 16602 (<>)
> and 16468 (<>)
> to direct more attention to these licensing and re-licensing problems. 
> At present only 2 or 5 Livecode users participate.
> The problems IMHO are most likely caused by an inadequate code used to 
> control the validity of licenses under the new subscription-based 
> marketing model that prevents the building of closed-source 
> applications once a license has expired.
> I experienced different kinds of such licensing problems which I have 
> described in my contributions to the bug reports.
> Here is an example that I also discussed with Customer Support:
>> During the discussion about the two bugs I tried to get an 
>> offline-licensing file for LC 6.7.8 for testing purposes (I informed 
>> you about this.) and observed that my personal Livecode account had 
>> been tampered with - without any prior information - very much 
>> restricting the access to files under my Commercial license. You 
>> responded to my question with the rather "cryptic" information that 
>> my two licenses had been "merged", but never explaining explicitly 
>> why and how this could have been necessary and what consequences this 
>> would entail. You did also *not* respond to my request to correct the 
>> entries for my Commercial license (clearly still running until August 
>> 15 this year), and there is also no correction from your side 
>> following a second and third request.
>> In January the countdown for my Commercial 6.7.8 licence began, which 
>> ended - see the image below - on Jan 28.

Text of the deleted image:
"LIVECODE License File Expiring
Your current license file is about to expire.
Please connect your computer to the internet to fetch a new license file.
0 days remaining"

Date of the snapshot: Jan 28, 2016.
> This was strange as I have got a Commercial license still running 
> until August 15, 2016, but according to Support my two licenses (Indy 
> and Commercial) had been somehow "merged" - thereby restricting my 
> access to Commercial licensing files to versions 6.1.3 and lower.
> After several urgent requests to correct the data of my personal 
> Livecode account the data have been finally corrected this week - 
> after waiting for a month - with the interesting result that I have 
> atually now got *two* Commercial licenses. I will not go into details 
> about these 2 commercial licenses, but the background is like this:
> Reacting to the intense "Indy-lock-in-the-price"-campaign by Kevin I 
> subscribed to a new Indy license in July 2015.- I was in no need of 
> special extra benefits at that time; as my present Commercial licence 
> was still running for another year. My intention at that point was 
> simply to support the maintenance, development, and improvement of 
> LiveCode in the same way as before with my contributions to the 
> Kickstarter campaign in 2013. My new Indy license would then be valid 
> - after the expiration of my Commercial license on August 15, 2016 - 
> from August 2016 to August 2018.
> Apparently the fact of two consecutive licenses caused problems for 
> Support, probably because the co-existing of two licenses could not be 
> adequately reflected within the framework (layout and programming?) 
> of  personal Livecode accounts. At least there was an indication of 
> this sort of problems in a feedback from Support. Support then solved 
> the problem by "merging" my two consecutive licenses, but causing at 
> the same time the troubles I have reported above - and without 
> explaining what this "merging" would entail and why this "merging" 
> should be necessary.
> Shortly before the data of my personal Livecode account had been 
> corrected this week, I have now cancelled my new extra Indy license 
> with the main intention to help "de-merge" the entangled Indy and 
> Commercial licenses. Cleverbridge has meanwhile verified the 
> cancellation of the Indy license, and Livecode is at present 
> contemplating how (and if) they could refund the sum of € 534 which I 
> paid for the Indy license running from August 2016 to August 2018.
> After the expiration of my original Commercial license valid until 
> August 15, 2016, I will be using the Community versions. I do not 
> exclude the possibility that I would be interested to purchase a new 
> Indy license somewhere in the future, provided the quality and 
> stability of the Livecode versions will have increased markedly.
> Kind regards,
> Wilhelm Sanke

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