Cue sheet generator and livecode server

Michael Doub mikedoub at
Sun Feb 14 12:03:08 EST 2016

Hello all.   For all of you cyclists out there that use RideWithGPS i 
have written a simple app that creates nicely formatted cue sheets.   
Help yourselves.  It can print directly, make a PDF or save a CSV file.

But the real reason for my post is to ask some questions about livecode 
server.   I was thinking about how I might adapt this app to work from a 
web page.    In my app, I have two substacks that are used to format the 
output of the PDF.   Am I correct to assume that I can have a livecode 
server script load a normal stack that includes substacks and produce a 
pdf file?

If this is doable, I have a web question.   How do you manage the pdf 
files?   Presumably each has a unique name that is passed to the browser 
so it can be downloaded, but how do you manage the cleanup so the pdfs 
are deleted?

This is first attempt at doing any on the web, so any coaching or best 
practice advice would be appreciated.


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