Set textfont color in IDE? LC8DP14

-hh hh at
Thu Feb 11 15:47:49 EST 2016

William P. wrote:
> But, why not call it what it is? Since this is an app for "everybody" why not just call it textcolor? That’s what it actually is. If we can use syntax like: “put 3 into x” instead of “x=3”, why not try to carry through the entire system with the same philosophy and keep the “jargony” things as minimized as possible.

As I am one of the "everybodys" who tried to build you a golden bridge you didn't use, here another one.

There is in the LC Preferences/ Tab General at top an option
"Property labels are:"
o Description of option
X Name of LiveCode property

If you choose to prefer "Description of option" then you'll get in the Property Inspector "Text Fill" instead of "foreGroundColor".


By the way "put 3 into x" is logically correct, x=3 not, because it is an equation, which is equivalent to 3=x ...

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