[ANN] mergExt releases for iOS 9.2

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at cogapp.com
Thu Feb 11 05:26:59 EST 2016

Noooo.... -1!

On 10/02/2016 15:41, Mike Kerner wrote:
> The other thing that would be nice would be to maybe have the new versions
> not be marked with the version number.  I realize that can be dangerous,
> but for every app, I have to go into Copy Files for every external and
> point to the new one.  When I forget (especially if I haven't done a new
> build in a while), that means at least one "whoops" build.

I strongly disagree. I'd much rather have control and know exactly which 
version I'm using with each application. Admittedly in this case the changes 
may be mostly invisible tweaks to accomodate iOS differences, but stuff always 
needs testing, and there can easily be unexpected effects.

I'd much rather have to do a small amount of deliberate work upfront when I 
want to switch to a new version, than have to spend more time diagnosing 
mysterious behaviour when I did it without meaning to. That's especially going 
to happen to an app where I haven't done a new build in a while.

My feature request, on the contrary, would be for for Monte to add a standard 
"mergVersion" function to every external in the suite, so that we can always 
verify exactly what we've got (and so that app error reports, for example, can 
include this information by default).

My AUS$ 0.02,


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