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I’ve created a productmanager in LiveCode for a customer for whom I also setup a webshop in OpenCart.
Currently I use an export extension to export products and categories from the shop to an Excel file, save this Excel file to a tab-delimited file, import it into my ProductManager, so the customer can very quick and easy manipulate large amounts of products.
When he is done, the ProductManager exports the selected data as text files, which I paste into the Excel file, and import again into OpenCart.

Both OpenCart as my app use mySQL as a database, my app uses the one running on a PC and OpenCart uses the database installed at the provider obviously.

Anyone any experience in connecting to an online database used by OpenCart, using a LiveCode app?

I know there are all kinds of security issues which makes this not so obvious, but maybe someone figured out a way to make this connection?

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