html5 & liveCode

-hh hh at
Wed Feb 10 09:44:04 EST 2016

John D. wrote:
> Is there a list somewhere about what is working and what is not
> with html 5 ?

Hello John,

perhaps it's too early to maintain such a listing.
I already asked for insights into a "To-Do-List"
in order to add "enhancement requests" (#16252).

We could/should do that by ourselves (spares time for the team).

The first big problem is "the" listing.
List 2000 handlers, functions, operators, properties, constants?
If you start with a listing that has checks (YES/NO/PARTLY) then
I'll come in and make also checks.

** And there is one possibility to check a lot of that directly in
the browser: **

Terminal zero (current state dp-9), you can download the stack
there and use it for your own version-testing.

(Because of fileSize link to TOC only. Note: standalones don't
work with Firefox 44.0, but earlier versions)


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