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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Feb 8 20:57:43 EST 2016

Last month I asked:

> Colin Holgate wrote:
>  > Being letterboxed isn’t a quality issue, it isn’t even bad. It’s just
>  > that Apple would reject the app.
> On what grounds?

If there was an answer I missed it, but it seems Apple prefers that 
users get the full benefit of their screen size.

A fella in the forums has had an app rejected from that:

Personally, it seems an understandable position from a phone maker: 
phones are small enough as it is, why use less of the screen than is there?

It's not a platform thing, it's a quality thing.  If you want your user 
to feel good about running your app on the phone they choose, why not 
take a few minutes to resize the screen elements so that can happen?

I can appreciate the development time savings with letterboxing, but I'm 
with Apple on this, it just isn't an optimal experience for the user, on 
any platform.

Maybe one of the advocates of letterboxing here can drop into that forum 
thread to help Joel out.

I look forward to seeing what gets posted there.  Hopefully I'll learn 
how letterboxing can be useful.

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