Black icons in LC 8 DP 14

RM richmondmathewson at
Mon Feb 8 13:41:42 EST 2016

On 8.02.2016 17:24, Ralph DiMola wrote:
> "This is one of those areas where meritocracy trumps democracy"
> In 1982 at Citibank we created a worldwide information product that had
> news/weather/stock prices/Commodity prices/FX rates(sound familiar?). We had
> many meeting on the UI and democracy determined that the various commands
> should use the "F" keys. So we set up a lab in NYC and brought people in off
> Park Ave and gave them a series of tasks to complete. It was an immediate
> bust because when instructed to use the "F2" key 60% of the users typed the
> letter key "F" followed by the number key "2". So we changed the command to
> "/2" and 99% of the testers got it correct.

If meritocracy always trumped democracy why am I typing this on a
QWERTY keyboard and driving a car with a manual gear-shift?

Why did VHS trump BetaMax (the demonstrably better video system)?

Why do lots and lots of people prefer the WIMP GUI on their computers to 
Ubuntu-Windows 10 chunky blocks of colour 'thing'?

Okay, okay: I do still use a slide-rule because, although outvoted, I 
prefer the
thing to a calculator.


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