Question About Resolution Independence

Rolf Kocherhans rolf.kocherhans at
Mon Feb 8 04:53:20 EST 2016

Sorry that was a typo just on the eMail !

The stack has a size of 1024*768 pixels.
@ Richmond this size is suggested on a movie about Resolution Independence:

I think that that Colin could be correct with his suggestion of using:

iphoneUseDeviceResolution but there are so many possibilities (4), and I do not
fully understand all the text in the Dictionary

iphoneUseDeviceResolution true
iphoneUseDeviceResolution true, true
iphoneUseDeviceResolution true, false
iphoneUseDeviceResolution false

Has anyone used this already ?

I thought that I can just use:

on preOpenStack
   set the fullScreenMode of this stack to "exactFit"
end preOpenStack

And all my resolution problems would be done ?!

What do you all use - can we really program for one screen size and deploy
to all devices ?


> Am 08.02.2016 um 03:48 schrieb use-livecode-request at
> Out of curiosity, if that's not a typo:
>> my stack has a size of 1025*768
> Is it the same if you use 1024*768 (exactly 4:3)?

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