Accessing handler in LC resource stack

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Sun Feb 7 14:32:48 EST 2016

revsaveasstandalone.livecodescript is just a stack named
"revSaveAsStandalone", so can be referred to that way, eg dispatch
"handler" to stack "revSaveAsStandalone".

However, it *should* be in the backscripts already, so I think that may not
be the problem (unless the GLX framework explicitly call a handler in stack
"revSaveAsStandalone" of stack "revStandaloneSettings").

What handler is it?

On Sun, Feb 7, 2016 at 2:40 PM [-hh] <hh at> wrote:

> James H. wrote:
> > Hi, I am using the GLX framework with LC7 and have hit a snag.
> > Its application builder calls a handler in an LC resource stack
> "revStandaloneSettings.rev" which no longer exists. Looking at
> > the LC package I think it has been replaced by
> > revsaveasstandalone.livecodescript".
> > How do I address the handler from this script only stack file?
> > What is its path/syntax required? James
> [1] The Standalone Application Builder uses a custom property
> of each stack, named cRevStandaloneSettings.
> For example
> the cRevStandaloneSettings["defaultBuildFolder"] of this stack
> *Platform specific* properties are multi-dimensional written as
> <platform>,<setting> for example
> the cRevStandaloneSettings["Windows,companyname"] of this stack
> Platform is one of (as of LC 8.0.0)
> "Windows,MacOSX x86-32,Linux,Linux x64,Linux armv6-hf,Emscripten"
> [Item 5 is for Raspi, currently only available in 7.0.4,
> item 6 is for HTML5, available since 8.0.0-dp4.]
> May be you'll find in that property what you need.
> [2] If you have the path of the stack and the handlers name
> (may have changed), the syntax should be still the same as before.
> (You will know, but for some other readers the hint:
> If you need a handler's name or wish to copy out a short one you
> need to your script, you could use a text editor to open the
> stack, or use Raspi stacks collection #44 = nuzzler7b.livecode
> runs on Win/Mac/Linux/Raspi.)
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