LC 6.7.8 won't load

-hh hh at
Sun Feb 7 13:45:29 EST 2016

> Sounds like you may be experiencing something different. 6.7.8 is the only
> version that won't run for me. I've tried a half dozen time with the same
> result. Is there some sort of system logfile I can look at and include
> with a QCC report?
> On Sun, Feb 7, 2016 at 3:54 AM [-hh] <hh at> wrote:
> > > Peter H. wrote: 
> > > ... Surprised it hasn't been fixed yet since 6.7.8 is dead in the water 
> > for me. 
> >
> > Sadly it's all the same on MacOS**, from LC 6.7 to LC 8.0, also with newest 
> > rc- or dp-releases. 
> > I don't report repeatedly, because probably MacOS/SIPS is (more) the 
> > culprit. 
> >
> > __________ 
> > ** Mac OS 10.11.3 (also tested with newest MacOS 10 developer previews). 
> > _______________________________________________ 

Couldn't find a report in QC. Can remember now: I 'reported' it in
"forums/Bug  Triage" with 0 answers for 14 days or so, so I deleted it.
There was another problem with frequent relicensing in QC (for me connected
to that) but its better to open a new report in QC. Please do that.

I have a system log from just now for 6.7.8 Indy (the one that is offered
to send to Apple). I'll add it zipped to your report -- please use "startup"
in the header so I can find it fast.


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