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Sun Feb 7 11:09:34 EST 2016

Hi Swami,

> On 7.02.2016 04:52, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:
>> I’m getting a repetitive shoulder/ wrist cramp from going to the Object menu over and over again for Card Inspector….(7.1.1)
>> is there a way to lock in the inspect to cards? so that as you move from card to card the inspector changes, but sticks on cards and does not revert to stack?
>>  or can set we set a custom keystroke for the card inspector?

quick and dirty solutiuon:

1. Create a new stack with one button with this script (LC 8 compatible!):
on mouseUp
   select this cd of the topStack
   set itemdel to "."
   if item 1 of the version < 8 then
      send "revBuildPropertyPalette" to stack "revTemplatePalette"
      revIDEOpenInspectorForObjects the long id of this cd of the topstack
   end if
end mouseUp

2. Open this stack as palette and put it wherever it suits you.

3. Click the button whenever you need the inspector for the current card :-)



Klaus Major
klaus at

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