Accessing handler in LC resource stack

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Sun Feb 7 09:40:32 EST 2016

James H. wrote:
> Hi, I am using the GLX framework with LC7 and have hit a snag.
> Its application builder calls a handler in an LC resource stack "revStandaloneSettings.rev" which no longer exists. Looking at
> the LC package I think it has been replaced by 
> revsaveasstandalone.livecodescript".
> How do I address the handler from this script only stack file?
> What is its path/syntax required? James

[1] The Standalone Application Builder uses a custom property
of each stack, named cRevStandaloneSettings.
For example
the cRevStandaloneSettings["defaultBuildFolder"] of this stack

*Platform specific* properties are multi-dimensional written as
<platform>,<setting> for example
the cRevStandaloneSettings["Windows,companyname"] of this stack

Platform is one of (as of LC 8.0.0)
"Windows,MacOSX x86-32,Linux,Linux x64,Linux armv6-hf,Emscripten"
[Item 5 is for Raspi, currently only available in 7.0.4,
item 6 is for HTML5, available since 8.0.0-dp4.]

May be you'll find in that property what you need.

[2] If you have the path of the stack and the handlers name
(may have changed), the syntax should be still the same as before.

(You will know, but for some other readers the hint:
If you need a handler's name or wish to copy out a short one you
need to your script, you could use a text editor to open the
stack, or use Raspi stacks collection #44 = nuzzler7b.livecode
runs on Win/Mac/Linux/Raspi.)

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